• Has nothing to do with pickles
  • Is easy to learn and among the fastest growing sport in the country
  • Is like tennis, racquetball, badminton and table tennis - but different 

  • Uses a ball sort of like a softball sized whiffleball
  • Is played on a badminton sized court using a paddle
  • Is fast moving – requires some physical and mental quickness
  • By using good strategy it can be size, sex and age neutral


There are many reasons for the growth of pickleball but most players start because it is a different -- not the same boring routine way to exercise and keep in shape.


The rules are simple and the action can be fast and exciting. Pickleball is playable by a wide range of participants, from young children to active seniors. Pickleball puts less stress on the body while offering a similar, or better, workout compared to other aerobic activities such as racquetball or tennis but with less strain on the knees and other joints and muscles. Because of this its popularity has soared in retirement communities. This is particularly true in Aliante where many of the pickleball players are former tennis or racquetball players who transitioned to pickleball because of lingering muscle aches and/or joint pains exacerbated by the other sports.


The starting expense for Pickleball play is minimal; clothing normally worn at the gym is adequate. Add some tennis shoes and a desire to have some fun and your pickleball outfit is complete. Mentors are available from a pool of experienced players to help the starting players understand and improve their game. Clinics for new players, and experienced players who just want to improve their game, are scheduled on a regular basis.


Most pickleball games are played as doubles, providing a competitive sport where spouses, friends, or couples can compete as teams in mixed doubles. It is considered a “social” sport because of the interaction among the players.  


Eye-hand coordination is required and the ability to move around the court is necessary. Depending on their skill level, most players can get a good cardio vascular workout after only a few games.


Once the rules are understood it is also a fun game to watch, especially with new found friends most of whom share the same passion for pickleball, while rooting for the Aliante home teams at tournaments.  WARNING: Playing pickleball can be addictive!